Sunday, June 12, 2016

Warlord Summer Special 1975

another quick post this evening is the always brilliant Warlord. This is the summer special from 1975 and another great read it is too. great stories, a free poster, these summer specials were always a favourite of mine. tomorrow i will post  more early issues of warlord and also a special treat for anyone who remembers the Warlord secret agent club. until then please read, enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!
Warlord Summer Special 1975

Action Comic (UK) Issue no.2

Just got time for another post here tonight .This one is issue no.2 of Action comic(from the UK not the american one). Continuing with classics like Dredger and Hookjaw its another great example of the UK comics scene from the 1970's .Not much else to say now except please read, enjoy and leave a comment.thanks!
Action Comics No.2

Victor Summer Special 1974

evening all. as the weather is so rubbish at the moment i thought id dig into the archives and post a brilliant summer special from the victor comic to cheer us up a wee bit. this is one from the long gone summer of 1974. this one is fanastic from cover to cover and includes classic stories like alf tupper and morgyn the mighty. all you have to do is read enjoy and then leave a comment. thanks!

Friday, June 19, 2015


Morning all. a slightly different post than normal. im going to post a link to my ebay page where you can buy the above title and other comics like Warlord/Battle/2000ad etc etc. Ive got so many filling up wardrobes etc at home that im under orders to start moving a few on so to speak.If you have requests for any issues or comics and related items please get in touch. I have Dennis the menace and Desperate Dan fan club sets Fireball and Warlord too. Thanks for reading and happy shopping!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Warlord Comic no.4

evening all. just thought it was about time to post another issue of the always popular and one of my personal favourite comics Warlord. I remember the free gifts that came with them especially this one. anyway give issue no.4 a try and then please leave a comment of some sort. including requests, donations of a warlord secret agent club wallet and badge etc etc. thanks!
Warlord no.4

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Warlord Comic no.3

ok as promised here is issue no.3 of the classic british comic Warlord. If you are a newcomer to the blog use the search box and you will find the first 2 issues as well. there are also a few other Warlord related goodies to find as well. i will post a few more Warlords possibly tomorrow and then will put up a few issues of another classic comic called Tiger. anyway please read, enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!
Warlord Issue 3

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Commando 287 - Jet Menace

Another great early issue of commando to continue the new hopefully more regular posts here at son of muebles. please read, enjoy and then leave a comment. Thanks! p.s dont forget to add requests etc in the comments.
Jet Menace