Friday, August 29, 2014

Commando no.622 Operation S.O.L.O (updated with link!!)

Well after a long time of non posting Son of Muebles is back with a cracking adventure story from Commando magazine. Over the last few months ive been collecting shed loads of comics most of them ready to be posted here soon. Lots of greats to come like Roy of The Rovers, Tiger, more Warlord etc etc and of course Commando comics too. This is a great story that if your a fan of old fashioned adventure comics then i know you will love this one. If you have any requests for particular comics please drop me a line and ill do my best to help you out. anyway please read, enjoy and leave a comment.thanks!
p.s this is in the cbr format which i use a program called comical to read on the computer (its free software!) or on my kindle fire HD i use ComiCat which cost me a little over £2 but reads all file formats.thanks again and its great to be back.!!
Operation SOLO