Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Battle Picture Weekly - Summer Special 1975

Here we go with another great summer special,this time from 1975.25p this would have cost for about 80 pages of classic storytelling including text based stories and the classic Rat pack.anyway as usual please read,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks
p.s dont forget requests are taken,preferences of cbr files over pdf's etc and let me know where you read your comics.on the computer,kindle,ipad etc,at work,at home,hiding in the toilet from the kids rest of the family etc.thanks again!
Battle Summer Special 75

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Monster Fun - Issue 36

ok as requested here is an issue of Monster Fun comic from 1976. Monster Fun ran for 73 issues until October 1976 when it merged with Buster. This was a great comic which featured strips like Xray Specs, Gums and Kid Kong. I have some annuals of this somewhere and more issues i can post if anyone wants to read them. So sit back reelax and enjoy some good old fashioned Monster Fun and then leave a comment.thanks!
Monster Fun no.36

2000 AD - Summer Special 1977

Continuing with 2000AD for a bit we have the summer special from 1977. I always loved the summer specials from any comic as they were a larger size and usually printed on a glossier kind of paper which made them stand out a bit from the regular weeklies.Anyway this one here has all the usual favourites and also includes a short feature on a film that i doubt you've ever heard of called Star Wars or something like that. Also included is a pullout poster featuring various characters from the comic. So as the nostalgia train keeps rolling lets take a seat,and take in some of the views from the galaxys greatest,enjoy and leave a comment.Thanks!
2000AD Summer Special 77

2000 AD - Issue 1

Here we go with the galaxys greatest comic introduced to us in February of 1977. this one came with a gift of a "space spinner" that i still remember and laugh about hitting my dad in the face with(oops). This is the comic that would eventually introduce us to Judge Dredd(Judge Dredd did not appear until issue no.2 which is coming soon), Rogue Trooper,Slaine, Harlem Heroes and one of my favourites MACH1 and featuring amongst others the writing and artistic talents of guys like Grant Morrison, Carlos Ezquerra,Alan Moore and Neil now its over to you to sit back,read and enjoy a little slice of 1977 and then leave a comment.Judge Dredd would want you to.Thanks!
2000AD no.1

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Scream - Issue 1

Scream was a great horror anthology comic that first published in March 1984 but sadly only lasted until june of that year. Featured a great story called The 13th floor about a possessed lift in a tower block that dealt out punishment to people it saw as evil etc and also featured a great strip about Dracula in '80s London.anyway over to you to read enjoy and leave a comment.thanks!
Scream no1

Warlord (UK) - Issue 1

Continuing on our merry way we have issue no.1 of Warlord from September of 1974. This was one of my favourite comics and features the adventures of amongst others,Union jack jackson and Lord Peter Flint (Codename Warlord!)and i still have a load of issues in boxes in the shed and some on the hard drive. Does anyone still have and would like to trade/sell the club badge and wallet and accompanying paperwork?please get in touch if you do. In the meantime sit back relax and enjoy a read of a proper comic.and leave a comment if you like.thanks!
Warlord no1

Action Comics (UK) - Issue 1

Here we go with the first post from Son of Muebles. As you can see its Action comic no.1.Full of great stories like Dredger ,Black Jack and the classic Hook Jaw.This for me brings back loads of memories from my early its over to you guys to tell me what (if anything!) youd like to see on this blog.Whether you want the files as cbr/cbz or even as pdf's. i prefer pdfs myself so i can put them straight on my kindle to read (usually at work when i havethe early shift) or particular comics, certain issues etc etc. I may continue with Action comics for the next few posts or do some warlord comics next. so agin its over to you to read,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!
Action no.1